Why enter

Entering the NCE Bridges Awards is an exceptional opportunity for individuals and organisations in the engineering and infrastructure industry. Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider participating:

  1. Showcase Excellence: The NCE Bridges Awards provide a platform to showcase your outstanding work. Whether you're an engineer, architect, project manager or part of a project team, this is your chance to demonstrate excellence in bridge design, construction and innovation.
  2. Industry Recognition: Winning an NCE Bridges Award is a mark of distinction in the field. It's an industry-recognised accolade that sets you apart from competitors and showcases your commitment to high-quality engineering and infrastructure projects.
  3. Networking Opportunities: By entering the awards, you become part of a community of professionals passionate about bridge engineering. It offers invaluable networking opportunities, connecting you with potential clients, collaborators and experts who can elevate your career or projects.
  4. Celebrating Achievement: The awards ceremony is a celebration of the best and brightest in the field. It's an opportunity to celebrate your achievements and share your success with peers and colleagues. Your work deserves recognition and these awards offer a prestigious stage to receive it.
  5. Benchmarking and Learning: Entering the awards allows you to benchmark your work against industry standards and learn from the best in the business. It's an opportunity to receive feedback, gain insights and continuously improve your future projects.
  6. Attracting Attention: Winning an NCE Bridges Award could lead to future collaborations or work winning. It demonstrates your project's viability, innovation and impact, raising the profile of your work.
  7. Publicity and Exposure: Your project will receive extensive coverage and exposure across New Civil Engineer.
  8. Inspire Others: By showcasing your work and its positive impact, you inspire the next generation of engineers and infrastructure professionals. Your success can motivate others to pursue excellence in their careers and projects.
  9. Contributing to Industry Advancement: The NCE Bridges Awards contribute to advancing the field of bridge engineering. Your participation and innovation play a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in infrastructure development.
  10. Recognition of Commitment: Beyond winning, even the act of entering the awards shows your commitment to excellence. It demonstrates that you value quality, innovation and the future of bridge design and management.

In summary, entering the NCE Bridges Awards is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on your achievements, gain industry recognition, connect with peers and inspire others.

It's a celebration of excellence in bridge engineering and your participation can have a lasting impact on your career, organisation and the industry.


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