International bridge project of the year

This award seeks to recognise excellence from any new build or major refurbishment project, anywhere outside of the UK.

AKT II, KEO, IJP Architects
Dubai Creek Harbour Central Footbridge

This project has an innovative approach to structural bridge design. Leveraging generative parametric design, our conception achieves elegance and lightweight efficiency through a hybrid arch truss configuration where every element plays a role. This innovative approach not only minimizes material usage but also significantly reduces carbon footprint, addressing sustainability challenges crucial in contemporary engineering. By seamlessly blending advanced design techniques with environmental consciousness, our bridge embodies a paradigm shift in infrastructure construction. With a fusion of technology and sustainability whilst echoing Islamic art, gives rise to an ornamental pedestrian bridge deserving recognition in the field of bridge design.

AtkinsRéalis, Galway City Council and Jons Civil Engineering
Salmon Weir Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge

This now already iconic landmark bridge is the first bridge to span the River Corrib in Galway in over 30 years. The bridge creates a focal point for locals and tourists alike to cross the river on foot or by bike, taking in views including the Cathedral, the existing Salmon Weir Bridge, aquatic and airborne wildlife, natural and built heritage synonymous with the city – and a new public space for the people of Galway. AtkinsRealis brought the design from detailed design stage through to construction stage and eventual handover. A significant engineering project befitting young and old.

Beam Architects 
Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Washington DC

The Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge (FDMB) in Washington DC is the District’s largest ever infrastructure project. The 6-lane, 440m long bridge features a 3-span arch structure that elevates the bridge into the hierarchy of the city’s famous monuments. Tall tapering steel parabolic arches bear onto concrete reverse-arch cradles to form a seamless serpentine line across the river and provide a dramatic ride-through gateway into the US capital’s civic core. The project has been instrumental in turning the Anacostia River from an urban boundary into the heart of the evolving and expanding city, delivering tangible socio-economic, political, and reputational benefits.

Grimshaw, Entuitive and SBP
Port Lands Bridges

This family of three bridge types (each paired for six total) are key infrastructure components of Toronto’s waterfront revitalization. The aesthetically unified bridges provide the new Port Lands neighborhood with light rail, vehicular, cycle and pedestrian connections, creating a critical link. Designed as hybrid shell-arch bridge structures, they are essentially curved tied arches with a planar deck connected by hangers. Innovative fabrication techniques combined with state-of-the-art engineering allowed for maximized material efficiency and reduction of costs. The bridges have become emblematic of Toronto’s evolution, with unique and compelling structural forms.

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Package 2

MTHL is an ambitious sea crossing that the MMRDA has aspired to deliver for over 30 years. Ramboll is proud to have partnered with the Daewoo-Tata Projects joint venture to make it a reality. The multinational design and build team has created a landmark structure that wholly meets the client’s objectives and aspirations. The project execution has seen strong collaboration between all parties to achieve timely completion within budget while bringing new construction techniques into the Indian market, all in a manner which recognises the important environmental context in which the bridge sits and tailoring construction processes to suit.

Sterling Presser Architects+Engineers
Requalification Pont du Lion, France

The Requalification Pont du Lion bridge project seamlessly blends innovative design, structural excellence, and environmental sensitivity. The striking aesthetics with the curved dissymmetric balconies create an iconic landmark that harmonizes with its surroundings and the existing bridge. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures optimal functionality and safety while pushing the boundaries of architectural creativity. The bridge not only connects physical spaces but also fosters a sense of community and progress. Its recognition stems from a holistic approach that marries aesthetics, engineering prowess, and a commitment to sustainable urban development, setting a new standard in bridge design.

Sterling Presser Architects+Engineers
Taiyuan Park Bridge, China

The Theater Park Bridge stands out for its exceptional fusion of innovative design, engineering prowess, and environmental harmony.Its distinctive architectural aesthetic seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings of Qianyuan Cultural Communication Ltd's outdoor theatre. Client satisfaction is paramount, with the bridge exceeding their vision and fostering positive collaboration. Winning this award would acknowledge the project's transformative impact, setting a new standard in architectural excellence, environmental sensitivity, and client-focused innovation. The Theater Park Bridge is not merely a structure; it's a symbol of our commitment to pushing boundaries and leaving a lasting mark on the architectural landscape.

ZheJiang Institute of Communications
Innovative Technology of Wenzhou Oujiang River North Estuary Bridge, China

The Wenzhou Oujiang River North Estuary Bridge, with a main span of 2×800m, is the first rigid mid-tower suspension bridge in the world. This innovative structure significantly improves the bridge's overall rigidity and wind resistance performance, while saving on engineering costs through the use of a concrete middle tower and high friction saddle, enabling unlimited spans of multi-tower suspension bridges. The builder integrated the design concept of green development into the project, significantly saving land and sea use, and effectively reducing maintenance and environmental protection work during the operation period.