Bridge maintenance contractor of the year

This award seeks to recognise the best specialist contractors who undertake regular maintenance work on any bridge structure.


Balvac has been an innovator in the specialist repair and maintenance industry for decades. Our focus on civil infrastructure repair and more specifically in bridge maintenance has allowed us to develop a complete end to end professional service for our customers (Detect, Diagnose, Develop, Deliver). We unravel the complexities of bridge repair, protection and maintenance challenges through early engagement and scheme development, offering our long serving people challenging work with the opportunity for personal development, and ensuring that the life of our customers infrastructure assets are safely and sustainably extended.

Goldhawk Bridge Restoration

From times of the horse and cart and Stephenson’s rocket, the UK’s stock of ageing masonry bridges are surviving to carry modern day traffic thanks to the innovation and skills of Goldhawk Bridge Restoration Ltd. Using a system described by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair as the ‘very best in British ingenuity’ and hailed a winner by the Design Council, the company, selected by bridge owning Authorities and National Organisations is meeting the Grand Challenge of preserving and maintaining the nations stock of heritage masonry bridges, keeping Britain on the move and helping to meet the Net Zero target.


ScaffFloat invented a set of durable and 100% recyclable plastic floats that integrate with standard scaffold components to make pontoons, rafts, and workboats used for bridge access. In the last two years, ScaffFloat has completed over 62 projects and provided over 15,000 hours of safe floating access for bridge inspections, maintenance, repairs and demolition. Examples of projects range from providing an 8x4m platform to touch up some paintwork on a canal bridge, to the removal of 300 tons of rail bridge spans during the restoration of the historic Barmouth Viaduct.