Bridge inspection project of the year

This award seeks to recognise bridge inspection projects  using new or innovative techniques that ensure the integrity of the structure.

360 Camera Surveys

Our pioneering use of 360 Imagery on the DOL2-55(5) bridge exemplifies a transformative approach to bridge inspection. By integrating bespoke lighting setups and telescopic poles, we ensured optimal access and illumination, revolutionising traditional inspection methodologies. Association of imagery location on structure plans, facilitated precise documentation, spatial awareness and asset visualisation. This case study underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation, showcasing tangible benefits for clients and stakeholders. Through meticulous planning and execution, we've redefined industry standards, fostering safety, efficiency, and collaboration. Our entry epitomises a paradigm shift in bridge inspection methodologies, setting a new benchmark for excellence in infrastructure management.

Gateshead Viaduct PI 23

Using unique innovative techniques AECOM were able to overcome many constraints and successfully complete the inspection of Gateshead Viaduct under budget and programme, providing savings to the client. Developing a remote-controlled inspection vehicle allowed for the internal deck voids to be inspected safely from ground level, negating the requirement for manned entry into the deck voids which posed an unacceptable risk to health and safety. This, together with using an AECOM developed automated report writing tool allowed considerable savings to be made with regards to cost and programme.

Keadby Bridge Inspection

The inspection of Keadby Lift Bridge represents a pioneering combination of technologies on an iconic Network Rail bridge. The size and location of the structure posed physical and financial challenges to deliver a traditional inspection within financial budget constraints. AECOM’s innovative approach comprised a Preliminary Photographic Survey using a unique combination of aerial drone, boat and 360 cameras to determine which areas required targeted full tactile inspection. The targeted tactile inspection was complimented by a Point cloud survey to capture dimensions accurately. Overall, this non-conventional approach was less disruptive, more cost efficient and safer than traditional inspection methodologies.

Inspect with S-Lynks

We are introducing a wireless dynamic measurement and data processing tool called S-lynks that aids bridge inspections and enables comparative analysis with previous years to track the changes and evaluate the condition. Utilizing the most advanced MEMS chip with the best noise performance in the market and state of the art Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) algorithm, Stochastic Subspace Identification (SSI); we are fully characterizing bridges with their resonant frequencies, mode shapes, and damping, estimate cable forces hence establish the overall dynamic baseline of the bridge to be continuously inspected at regular intervals and compared with the baseline case.

Bermuda Swing Bridge

Ramboll used advanced digital techniques to record the findings of the inspection of the Swing Bridge in Bermuda, allowing interrogation of elements in a digital model for condition and capacity. Combined with a parametric structural analysis model to allow rapid understanding of scenarios when degradation was identified, this allowed the inspection of the structure to be robust, with rapid understanding of the findings to be made. As well as a satisfied client for this work, the technique leaves a significant legacy for Ramboll bridge inspections and assessments in the future, especially for structures where access to inspect is constrained.