Bridge engineer rising star

This category seeks to reward outstanding civil or structural engineer working for a client, contractor or consultant on bridge structures with 10 years or less post graduate experience.

Michael Duvall
Hewson Consulting Engineers

Hewson Consulting is firmly committed to nurturing the next generation of bridge engineers who will continue the proud legacy of great British engineering. Michael embodies everything we value as a business – technical excellence with a focus on buildability, lifelong learning and knowledge sharing within Hewson and the industry, fostering collaboration with our clients to ensure project success, and strong leadership through service and mentorship. As a future leader of Hewson Consulting, we are excited to see what the future holds for him!

Ashley Game
Ringway Jacobs

My seven year journey in engineering, from apprentice to engineer, exemplifies dedication and growth. Through managing footbridge replacement schemes, undertaking technical reviews of structures of varying construction type and complexity, and leading the Technical Approval team during my team leader's absence, I have cultivated problem-solving, communication and leadership skills. In parallel to this, I have gained qualifications such as my Bachelor's degree which has laid the foundation for my ongoing MSc in Bridge Engineering. Beyond my professional and academic milestones, my advocacy for equality, diversity and inclusion reflects my passion for empowering others and driving positive change in the industry.

Callum Gillett
Ringway Jacobs

Callum demonstrates enthusiasm, resilience, and a continual desire to develop his technical and leadership skills, holding an ambition to be an industry leader. He has been influential in improving structures management processes, focusing on long-term sustainability. He has driven carbon reduction plans across the business and delivered presentations at company-wide forums and industry events. Additional to his role, Callum undertook a research project into masonry arches, evidencing a passion for the preservation of existing, and actively promotes the case for new. As a delegated engineer and active STEM ambassador, Callum values his role in the development of those around him.

Katy Hodgson
Align JV

Katy is an incredible ambassador for the Industry with her Diversity and Inclusion focus and passion to inspire new and young talent into the industry; she is incredibly ambitious and deserving of this award for her contribution to the Early Careers Engagementas well as production. She is an asset to Sir Robert McAlpine and the project and, although it has been less than a year on HS2, Katy has already impacted a number of younger colleagues on site who see her as a mentor and role model.

Andrus Kolossov

Bridge engineering needs dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate engineers like Andrus. His ability to deliver excellence under pressure has been a vital part to DYSE establishing itself as a favoured supplier to specialist bridge builders. He is well liked by DYSE’s clients and is now leading design and delivery autonomously. Andrus’ professional reviewer declared that he has built up a wealth of experience over a short space of time. It is clear to me that Andrus is a rising star in the profession and we are excited to see Andrus to continue his upwards trajectory which will be invaluable to DYSE.

Ioannis Koromilas

During his time with Rendel, Ioannis has consistently demonstrated innovation, leadership, a strong commitment to volunteering through the company’s STEM school outreach activities as well as providing support to his colleagues. His contributions have resulted in significant efficiencies in the design process of CVV. As the main designer of the substructure, he led a team of engineers, and ensured successful delivery on time. Currently he plays a pivotal role in CVV construction, maintaining significant involvement in the Desing/Erection Engineering. Ioannis has emerged as a key member of the Design Team, demonstrating competence across all project stages, from design to construction.

Jerome Maitrier
Align JV

During the summer of 2020, Jerome joined the Align CVV's Methods Team and took on the challenge of constructing the viaduct using the post-tensioning and balance cantilever installation method with a launching girder. At the start of construction, he transferred his knowledge to the production team. The successful V-pier erection sequence, which he developed with the methods team, is a result of three years of hard work in preconstruction. Jerome's efforts contributed to the Launching Girders' good progress and expected to arrive on time.

Sam Poulson

In just under 10 years, Sam Poulson has established a reputation for leading innovative, automated designs, combining development of modular bridge systems with advanced, automated analysis. This provides rapid data for good decisions, to allow implementation of accelerated construction. His work is client focussed, technically excellent, and disseminated across Ramboll’s bridge teams to allow many people and projects to benefit. He manages his team well, with many staff members encouraged to try new methods and technologies to improve their design. He is a credit to Ramboll and the bridge engineering profession.

Helen Rowe
Kent County Council

In the 9 years since I graduated, I have progressed from Graduate Engineer to Structures and Tunnels Asset Manager, leading the Structures service for one of the largest local authority Highway networks in the UK, with over 2100 highway structures in my portfolio with an estimated replacement value of £1,300 million. I have introduced robust new technical approval processes and overseen the reinvigoration of our structural reviews and assessments programme to inform our asset management strategy for the future. I actively develop the next generation of bridge engineers and represent the industry nationally to drive best practice and share knowledge.

Natalia Ximenes
Align JV

As an Engineer for the Align, Natalia leads the problem-solving for multiple finishes packages, resulting in significant savings in programme, cost, and carbon. She’s focused on her professional development and supporting her route towards Chartership. As a female engineer, Natalia strives to support the other young women around her, helping them build their confidence. She’s dedicated to constant self-improvement, which helps her gain a broader perspective of the project. She successfully executed the drainage package and internal works, resulting in improved output on-site. She also supports apprentices towards their exams at university and their ICE professional development.