Bridge consultant of the year

This category seeks to reward the best bridge engineering consultants.

Cake Engineering

Cake Engineering is a unique and innovative Bridge Consultant. Embedded within a fabrication firm, it offers a full service from concept design through to fabrication ready information and construction design. They are able to draw the experience of many years of fabrication knowledge right into concept development, to ensure that what is suggested at an early stage is buildable and economic, and also structurally efficient (to ensure that the outcome has a low embodied carbon). This is not about saying “no” – it is also about showing the opportunities of the making process to inspire true innovation in design.

Cass Hayward

Cass Hayward are the original Bridge Specialists. We may not get involved in the design of “mega” bridges or many architecturally significant structures, but we do provide a valuable service in the bridge sector. Our reputation and technical excellence is widely recognised throughout the industry, proven by the regular, repeat business we have with Network Rail and most large Consultants and Contractors working in the UK. Although we may be an SME, our portfolio of work is extensive and covers all types of work associated with bridges. We may be small in comparison with others, but we know bridges!

Pell Frischmann

Pell Frischmann prides itself in providing outstanding bridge consultancy services. We develop and retain a highly skilled workforce, adept at listening to and collaborating with Clients and Stakeholders to ensure we offer a bespoke service tailored to deliver the outcomes required. We deliver expertise in complex and uniquely challenging projects, whether minimising embodied carbon in new installations through the use of our own carbon management tools or helping clients to prolong the useful life of existing, often heritage, assets. Our ambition is to grow, through continuing to deliver exceptional project outcomes and a focus on developing the engineers of tomorrow.


Ramboll’s 550 bridge specialists are renowned for design of iconic bridges, major crossings, movable structures and complex rehabilitations, working in close collaboration with clients and contractors. Ramboll are leaders in component-based design for bridges, using advanced digital techniques to speed preliminary and detailed design and improve early information. This process has been instrumental in successes on MTHL, Storstromsbro and HS2, reducing programme and improving safety. Sustainability drives our improvement and innovation, without losing focus on durable and elegant designs. 2023 highlights also include Ile d’Orleans, AMIDS tied arch, River Wensum Viaduct, Clyde Waterfront, and check of 3 UK river crossings.


With a distinguished engineering legacy spanning over 185 years, Rendel stands out as a Bridge Consultancy offering technical advice and engineering services throughout all phases of major bridge design and construction. Our leadership in the design development of the Colne Valley Viaduct and the incremental launching analysis and design check on the Sydney Gateway Arch bridges, exemplifies our commitment to excellence. Leveraging innovative in-house digital tools with a focus on technical excellence, efficiency, sustainability and health and safety and our dedication of promoting the profession in a diverse environment further underscores our organization's standing as a leader in the field.